Click links below for instructions on Supra NMA One Time Showing Access:

  • Instructions for Non-Members of Supra to access a Bluetooth iBox keybox.  A Supra® keyholder can invite you to access their Bluetooth iBox keybox using the Non-Member Access feature in the Supra eKEY® app. When the setup process is complete, you can access the keybox using the eKEY app and your mobile
    device or tablet. To start this process, the listing agent sends you a text message (and email) with links and information

Click Here for a Video Tutorial for Supra Non-Member Access.

Supra eKey access service through Yes-MLS will only be available to licensed real estate brokers, licensed real estate agents, and licensed real estate appraisers, who are members of Yes-MLS.  Emails will be sent soon explaining the process to download the Supra eKey app to your SmartPhone.  You will be asked to schedule a “virtual appointment”.  This is the time slot when the authorization code, instructions and webinar information will be emailed (between March 16 and April 30).  Listing agents wanting information on Supra iBoxes will need to contact their local Association/Board.  (Note:  Supra iBoxes will not be required by Yes-MLS)

For all UNLICENSED individuals (home/pest inspectors, assistants etc.), all Supra keys were inactivated on Friday, February 28, 2020. If you currently use iBoxes on your listings, please read the information below for future access for those individuals.

Ohio License law requires that anyone not holding a valid real estate license may not access a listed property unless accompanied by a real estate licenseeunless the owner of the property has provided informed, written permission or consent for such person(s) to enter the property unaccompanied by a real estate licensee.  So, to assist members in complying with the license law, and for the security of members and the security of their client’s property, Yes MLS is limiting the Supra service provided to licensed members.

Those not holding a valid real estate license, such as home or pest inspectors etc., who may need access to listed properties, as alwaysneed to make arrangements for such access through the listing agent and/or the buyer agent and be accompanied by one of them during the access.  However, if the listing agent has obtained the informed written consent of the owner of the property, for the unlicensed person(s) to enter the property unaccompanied by one of the licensees, the licensees may provide that unlicensed person a NMA (non-member access) one-time access code that will enable them to access the Supra lockbox and the property. Unlicensed assistants will be able to use the NMA one-time code feature.