I have served as a local board president on three occasions, twice with the Steuben¬≠ville Area Board and in 2017 as president of ECAR, my current board. I have and still am serving as the Ohio Realtors District 4 Vice President, currently set to begin my 7th two-year term. With the inception of YES-MLS, I hav served on the interim board of directors after representing ECAR on the CRIS MLS board. I have served various positions with the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference as Director in two sports and as Commissioner of the OVAC’s rating system.

While the MLS serves as an online source of information for its members, it will constantly be faced with competition – good or bad – from outside sources and naysayers that believe our system doesn’t offer enough useful information or too much unnecessary information. The real threat will come from outside the fences of Yes-MLS, the real issues will come from within. Members need more education, more understanding of the tools, but most importantly need to willing to gain that information on their own by believing that change happens and the value of their business depends on any acquired knowledge.

Coming from a smaller board and coming from an area of more diverse requirements for Realtor members, I truly believe that I am and can be the voice for those members while representing the entire MLS as one unit of professionals that need the help of this MLS and the opportunity to grow their business with that help. Brought up in a small community, but having spent a great deal of time in larger cities, I like to think that I can unbiasedly see both sides of the real estate field.

At the state level, I have served on numerous committees, task forces and working groups. I have served as the Ohio Realtors chair for RPAC Trustees, Communications Committee, Strategic Planning and will serve in 2020 as the chair of Legal Issues. At the local level, I served continuously on the board as an executive officer or board member from 2001 until 2018 when I decided it was time to step away.